I have always had a strong interest in cosmology, the study of those areas of physics and astronomy that have to do with how the universe works.

It is safe to say that we still do not know what is going on. The grand unifying theory, the Holy Grail of physics, is still a mystery. Although physicists have yet to work gravity into their theory of everything, they have developed quantum mechanics, the most accurate theory ever.

Quantum mechanics depicts a strange world of probabilities. Observation plays a role in the outcome of experiments and measurements. Matter behaves like a wave at one observation and like a particle at another. This dualism and a universe that operates on chance does not fit with our present views of reality. Stephen Hawking and most modern physicists believe that an expanding universe means a beginning of the universe and a beginning of time. Is that the only solution?

My research discovered that the whole of all the stars and galaxies are on the surface of a giant sphere. I wondered if we might be moving through space as the sphere expanded and if so, how fast? If you could make an accurate map or design a 'you are here' 3-D model of the universe, what would it look like? The paintings explore this search and discover an eternal universe where observers bring the universe into objective reality.

-Keath Rycroft, <retreat@prcn.org>