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JotBot 1.7 supports user-defined startup pages! Now to can have JotBot as your browser's homepage without losing your previous homepage setting, like so; Instructions:
To set JotBot's startup page, use the first pop-up menu in the jotbot smallwindow -- the menu typically used to select your desired Search Engine. The last item on this list is not a search engine at all, but "[Set Startup Page]". Choosing this option transports you at once to a separate page, where you may enter the URL & press return to set.

Tip: An URL is most commonly of the form -- in case you somehow got this far without knowing that. JotBot supports ftp://, gopher://, and file:// URLs as well as standard http://, and handles custom port settings as well.

Tip: entering the word default will revert jotbot back to it's default QuickGuide page, discarding any startup page you'd previously set.

Power Users: JotBot exists on the web through two different servers, our main and our backup, By intentional design, the backup server will not act on your preferences. This allows you to bring up JotBot without loading your startup page, providing you with complete flexibility. While using the backup server, you can still edit your preferences... cunning, hm?

Conforming to responsible internet standards, JotBot's preferences will remove themselves from your computer after two months inactivity.

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