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If you enjoy JotBot Search, why not put a link to us on your website? To paraphrase Yahoo, "when you put a JotBot link on your page, you give visitors direct access to the search system you value the most." More importantly (and with less bravado), linking to JotBot is a great way to thank us -- we who have programmed this site with the ridiculous intention of accepting no advertisements or corporate sponsorship. We don't have cash to spend on lavish self-promotion, nor do we need it -- with your continuing support we have all the promotion we need.

Note: always link to <>, as most other URLs are for internal use only.

Although it's not required, we'd love to hear about pages that link to us. We're also planning a showcase of people and places that have benefitted from JotBot's existence -- if you count yourself among them, send us the story!

Feel free to link to us under any context, or take your pick of these samples:

{The Simple Link}

JotBot: The cute route to internet searches.

{The Appropriately Tiny Button}

JotBot Search!

{The Swanky Window}

JotBot Search: Ten times as fast

{The Press Release}

JotBot Search began as an alternative interface to HotBot and grew to support six major search engines: AltaVitsa, Yahoo, HotBot, DejaNews, Four11, and UBL. Using a tiny JavaScripted input window, JotBot facilitates immediate searches at speeds up to 10 times regular -- all by avoiding those large front pages and skipping directly to the data.

{The Press Synopsis}

Using a tiny JavaScripted input window, JotBot facilitates complete internet searches at 10 times regular speed.

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