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Welcome to JotBot -- a rapid-fire search tool born out of my frustration that, as close as the Big Search Engines are to "insanely great", they fall just short -- tripped up by advertisements, mammoth interfaces, and entirely too much code. JotBot uses a JavaScripted floating input window to leverage immediate searches from six major search engines (HotBot, AltaVista, Yahoo...) in the fastest manner possible. JotBot's design facilitates both instant and marathon searching at speeds ranging from 2 to 10 times regular -- all by avoiding those large front pages and skipping directly to the data. The internet has spoiled me, when I want to find something I want it now...

Joe's OfficeJotBot is a launch once, use forever program -- after your first search, JotBot ducks behind your main window. Whenever you're seized by another irresistible urge to find stuff, simply bring JB to the front, type, and hit return -- the deed is done in seconds, no waiting for pages to load. JotBot kindly defaults to phrase searches, and returns 25 matches at a time instead of a paltry 10. What's more, search results always open in your regular window... Leaving the small but cute JotBot once again in the background, ready for instant backtracking, search revising, etc! With version 1.7, you can even set JotBot as your browser's default homepage without losing your exising homepage: thanks to the new "Set Startup Page" option, JotBot can memorize your homepage URL -- loading it in the main window every time you launch JotBot.

Usage Instructions
Simply load JotBot, type your query in the window and press return (or hit "Search"). Since it uses the same databases, JotBot supports all the same methods as "regular" search engines. Remember, once invoked JotBot lives in the background (unless you closed it specifically), and must be brought to the front using a simple menu command.

To modify your search according to advanced options, hit the button. Since this enables more stuff then could possibly fit in JotBot's small window, you're transported at once to selected search engine's advanced search page.

New features of version 1.8:

  • JotBot automatically jumps over banner ads!
  • Support for FTP searches, Book Searchs, and People Searches
  • Compatible with WebTV
  • Extreme Bug Fixes
  • Much More...
What have we planned for future versions? Lots! With all known bugs out of the way, we turn now to JotBot 2.0: a highly customisable tool that memorises your preferences. Meanwhile, we are always working on improving JotBot, or at least dreaming up what to attempt next. Your suggestions to this regard are welcome...

And enjoy.

-Joseph McLean, Chief Programmer & primary wood chopper (pictured here during a typical day at his office)

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