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Many of our new users treat JotBot as if it was a normal webpage; to get JotBot back after doing a search, they innocently use their History menu or back button. This is completely counter to the nature of JotBot, and costs them much wasted time...

The fundamental concept behind JotBot Search? It's not a normal webpage, it's a floating window. After you press "search", your main window springs to the front with search results, obscuring -- but not removing -- JotBot. To use JotBot again, do not attempt to reload it or backtrack: that wastes time! Simply bring the "JotBot 1.8" window to the front. Depending on your browser and operating system, there's different ways to do this.

You appear to be using Why not try it now? Until you actually close the window (or quit your Browser), no reloading is ever neccesary -- plus the critera you last entered is maintained for quick revisal.

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