Significant Changes in 1.8.1:

+ Complete code revision for full HTML compliance and better load times
+ Yes -- we have support for Google!
+ Historic dropping of support for HotBot, now just a part of Lycos - default search reset to Google
+ Now works in alternative Macintosh browser iCab

Significant Changes in 1.8:

+ Support for "" FTP searching. Users may now search over 60 Million files from FTP sites around the globe, thanks to's massive file name & description index. We chose over C|Net's "" and the norwegian-based "FAST ftp-search" for several reasons, but the pure scope of the index is what cinched the decision. During this testing stage we're very interested in your results using -- if poor results are reported, we will choose from the alternatives.

+ Full Book Searching Support with

+ Enhanced support for 411 Email Address searching, via Yahoo's People Search.

+ WebTV Support - now supports most versions of the WebTV browser. JotBot runs on three of the top five GUI browsers (and AOL support is coming).

+ Autofocus. When JotBot loads, the search entry field automatically "focuses", so you can type in criteria *immediately* -- without first clicking your cursor on the field. Speed, always speed!

+ Autoscroll (Netscape Only). Eight seconds after you begin your search, JotBot scrolls the main results window down, skipping most of the extraneous headers and ads that certain engines add to your search. This is a fairly volatile feature because of the way it must operate: JavaScript's Built-In Security will not allow JotBot to see when the results page is done loading, so JotBot simply waits in the dark for nine seconds and swipes -- hopefully AFTER the page arrives and BEFORE the user starts scrolling him/herself. If this is too long or two short a wait for your computer, please let me know so I can fine-tune. I imagine the search engines will appreciate this feature about as much as the TV networks appreciated the invention of the "mute" button, so we'll see what happens on that angle too. You can disable autoscroll on your computer by adding "?noscroll" to the end of the URL you use to launch jotbot, like this.

+ Staggered Placement. Under Netscape 4.0, JotBot's floating window no longer loads in the exact upper corner of your screen. Instead, JotBot is staggered about a centimeter down and to the right (let us know if it's any more or any less) This looks a little nicer, and more importantly paves the way for custom JotBot placement based on your preferences (ie, want JotBot to load in your lower right corner? Done.)

+ Completely Redisigned Main Interface.

+ Locked Font: JotBot window displays properly on Macintosh and Windows browsers using a custom font, by forcing the use of Times or Times New Roman. Other platforms will be supported as soon as you tell me exactly what your browser's default font is called...

+ New "Revision" button: Replaces the old JotBot's "options" button, which some people found esoteric. As before, this button offers extreme control over your search criteria (depending on the search engine selected) and is now compatible with the new HotBot layout.

+ Window sizing changes on the Mac OS, resulting in better support of Netscape 4.5 plus users of the Chicago system font. Note full support of Netscape 4.5 will not be available until the browser ships, although JotBot does work.

+ Fixed the Unix / Windows menubar bug introduced in 1.7: JotBot will now properly remove the menubar on these systems.

+ Fixed extreme Java slowdown on Netscape Communicator for Macintosh.

+ The warnings for JavaScriptless, old browsers have been rendered completely invisible to everyone who does have JavaScript. Previous versions displayed a small "scriptless version" link near the bottom of the main page, this is now hidden for people that don't need it.

+ Exciting New Spelling Structure. Several miscellaneous typos were corrected, including a Freudian sentence that instructed users to "type the world" instead of "type the word".

+Miscellaneous Cosmetic Updates, Logo Changes, Email Updates, et cetera...