a tiny little dossier on the world's weirdest mailist
Revision 26

JINX was born one rainy day in November 1995, although no one knew it, not even the person who was accidentally responsible for it all. It was born when Joseph McLean began wondering just what to do with all the delicious tidbits that kept cropping up in his mailbox -- saving them pell-mell onto his frantically overburdened hard drive didn't seem the best option, so they'd sit consigned to a dark corner of his inbox, which wasn't a solution at all... "There's too much information restriction already," quoth Joseph, "it's time to give it all to the world." In a flash of inspiration, he decided to call it JINX...

JINX is a fairly monthly, sort of mailist that digests
the latest info, laughs and assorted oddities from the
depths of alternative cyberspace, all the while taking
mean pokes at our brave leaders and cute corporations.

Freedom to Forward

In the pursuit of information freedom, JINX is utterly without copyright. You may use any or all information however you like. My only wish is to bring this information to the world... so whyever not? Just tell them how to jinx themselves (send subject "jinx me!" to <jinx@windspirit.com>, or travel here) and I will be content.

"Contributions from real people just like you!"

JINX survives almost entirely on contributed information. I do not go searching, I simply read my mail. Anything that knocks me off my chair gets included in the next issue; when the issue reaches 10k I trim it up and send it out. By this logic, the more you contribute the faster jinx arrives in your mailbox! Fa fa fa! Contributions, in case you were wondering, go directly to the jinxserver <jinx@windspirit.com>. Meow?

Ambient Atmosphere

JINX is based in the remote wilderness of Lund, B.C., compiled on a Solar Powered Macintosh PowerBook 520c, and tossed into the winds of cyberspace at 33,600 bps through a hand-strung, partially decayed phone line. From this sanctuary, Jinx reaches computers across the globe, and appears to be growing like a weed.

Assorted Reactions:

"I must say that I really enjoyed reading JINX"
Barry Beer, President of a Solar Energy company
(jinx is refreshingly alternative...)

"Nice and Weird!"
Chuck Cirino, genius producer of WeirdTV and a personal hero of ours
(jinx is certified weird...)

"I was quite delighted to receive my first glimse at that magnificent text"
Lord Pictwe, genius producer of WorldMOO II and a personal bolf of ours
(jinx delights...)

"JINX should be printed, bound, and sold as one of those books people read on the toilet."
Diana Atkins, multi-award winning author
(jinx is loved!)

And the closing comment goes to our favorite politician:

"People that are very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history." - Dan Quayle


To subscribe yourself to jinx right now, leap wildly in this direction. To subscribe at a latter date from the comforts of your own inbox, just email <jinx@windspirit.com>, with the subject "SUBSCRIBE JINX" to subscribe personally -- or "JIFFY!" to subscribe your fax machine, inteligently remembering to include the full telephone number. Yes Virginia, we can fax most places in the civilised world without fear or toll: the JIFFY Press Release is part of JINX12, read it and know. Last but not least -- spread the word (and this page) across the globe. There's no telling who'll be jinxed next...