Thirty-One JINX back issues are readily available, even searchable:
Our latest issue is always available to subscribers first, tantalisingly enough.
01Stunning Debut, featuring Brian Eno, Rolling Stones, a truckload of Soap, and Lund...
02WestCode, Scientific Santa, Half Man/Half Biscuit, Bill Gates, Joseph McLean goes Public, Band names explained
03More Band names! More LUND! Some gentle Win95 bashing, Dr. Suess as a technical poet, and an odd piece called "kids next year..."
04Even More Music Names, More Microsoft moments, CD facts you don't want to know, and the all time classic tale, "The Gingrich Who Stole Christmas..."
05Intel's less then half of 'Intelligent', Mac users drink Pepsi & spew smilies d:), Santa Restructures, and Bill Gates goes to hell.
06Electronic Philosophy, Macintosh & The Monk, 12 Days of Microsoft Christmas, and the one documented case of a perfect Win95 installation...
07Resolutions you just won't keep, the Miracle on 604 Street, inaccurate predictions and unaware headlines...
08Virus Alerts, Dr. Suess (The Next Generation), the latest lovely language translator (plus the first), and Vetoing the Bill!
09Toilet Policy, The Emporor's New Clothes95, and a bomb threat.
10Tenth Anniversary Special, chronicling JINX's rise to glory. Includes rare footage, hidden secrets, and the first Contributor Awards!
11Mouse vs. Keyboard, Very Deep Thoughts, Very Happy Mac Users, and a heartfelt apology to Microsoft.
12Cook Jean-Paul Sartre, the Launch of JIFFY, Bad Signs, and a Satanic Update...
13Politically Correct seminars, The Adventures of PowerBooks, and God the Computer Programmer
14Newbie Computer Glossaries, bad signs, amazing quotes, and Bill on the downward spiral...
15Those lively Brit Awards, Deep Thoughts from Super Models, The further adventures of PowerBook, and an amazing essay...
16The discovery of Administratium, the content of the universe, the proper method of writing, and, the TOASTER.
17Quayle Quotes, Giraffe-Hunting Gingriches, and Star Trek answers to Chicken Questions... actually, they fit together rather well...
18Viral Operating Beverage Stealing Deeply Thinking Toughts?
19Understanding Meetings, Testing with Time, the Religious War of Operating Systems, and Sienfeld's parakeet.
20Understanding Meetings even more, The Beginning of JINX's astounding web site, and a whole bunch of cute exam answers.
21100% Truth Issue! Includes Madonna talking in Hungarian, actual MIT propaganda, and lots of inspiring facts you never should have known in the first place.
22The continuing truth about cat flaps, Cigarettes, Legal Battles, Press Releases and misunderstood translations...
23IBM is nuts, many people are evil, corporations are confused, and everybody goes back to school!
24Chickens crash trains, Windows95 crashes everything, The Philsbury Doughboy is wanted for murder and JINX is back in business!
25Reverse-Engineering Valentine's Day, Hacking the Jinxserver, Fleeing from Hong Kong movies and surviving analogies as heavy as a hefty bag filled with vegetable soup.
26How many mail list subscribers does it take to screw in a light bulb, how long does it take to escape from the Microsoft Restaurant, why Intel likes Macs and how to track your furnace fires.
27The JINX website implodes, Steve Jobs and Satan Sell our Souls, and Babies of the world wreak cute havoc...
28A valiant retelling of The Three Little Pigs coupled with a mysterious mind reading test and a gaggle of splendid websites you really should be looking at.
29The Pure Evil Halloween Issue, full of scary corporations, terrifying slogans, and general Microsoft ghoulishness.
30Our astonishing return brings deadly news from Africa plus an excusive peek-behind-the-jinx, mysteries of mankind, and... a lot about cats.
31In which we test your intelligence, terrify you with virus warnings, enlist you in our Distributed Computing team and steal your pickles.