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Sunday, February 04 at 03:53 PM:
Toya from Detroit wrote:
""The's so beautiful and tranquil. Thanks."

Sunday, January 07 at 05:39 PM:
christina from home wrote:
"I love nsync you should put Justin timberlake in there"

Sunday, January 07 at 05:37 PM:
christina from home wrote:
"i love nsync!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, January 01 at 02:50 PM:

Monday, January 01 at 02:45 PM:

Saturday, December 09 at 10:22 PM:
Gunther Rosenstock from Bowen Island wrote:
"The Cottage themselves makes me feel like home"

Thursday, December 07 at 06:12 PM:
Martin Ostensen from Powell River wrote:
"Love your stuff. I want more of your art in my office."

Saturday, December 02 at 01:18 AM:
ggg from ggg wrote:

Thursday, November 30 at 09:01 PM:
troy corser from kk wrote:

Sunday, November 26 at 03:48 PM:
Christiane from FL wrote:
"Ran out of room.How can I find out about your brothers argillite carvings? I love totemic art,Haida and the work of Charles Edenshaw. I would love to see some pics of argillite on your site. I am interested in small totems. You have a gift."

Sunday, November 26 at 03:46 PM:
Christiane from florida wrote:
"After finding your site through Native Peoples Mag,my breath was taken away by your incredible artwork. Obviously others think so too. I visited Vancouver BC in 1990 and your work captures it wonderfully. Wish I could afford it. "

Monday, November 06 at 01:37 PM:
joanie rethlake from houston, texas wrote:
"love your site"

Friday, October 20 at 05:55 AM:
HGJHG from JHGFJ wrote:

Friday, September 22 at 03:18 PM:
kimberley hurley from toronto wrote:
"its cool"

Wednesday, August 30 at 04:37 PM:
Jack Ross from Virginia Beach wrote:
"I would like to learn about artist William Maclean, I have one of his works."

Saturday, August 26 at 06:07 AM:
TRACEY ADAMS from wrote:

Monday, August 21 at 03:10 PM:
Nathan Riley from Laguna Pueblo, Laguna, NM wrote:
"I was impressed with April's watercolors and lithographs which depicts the northwest culture in a form i can relate to."

Monday, August 21 at 06:43 AM:
Justin Bradley from Ireland wrote:
"Great site, I need help does anyone know the style of tottoo the singer of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers has on his back? PLEASE help me!!!"

Tuesday, August 01 at 07:04 PM:
murray elliott from williamston, north carolina wrote:
"very interesting to note the difference in cultures from us OBX'ers!"

Friday, July 14 at 09:43 AM:
Cookie from Boca Raton FL wrote:
"Anyone know anything about BOMA/Canada?? "

Sunday, June 18 at 08:54 PM:
Courtney and Julie from Hillsboro wrote:
"It is cool"

Saturday, June 10 at 06:22 PM:
Valda J Hahn from wrote:
"Check out the great site"

Thursday, June 08 at 04:44 AM:
Kris Northey from Ottawa wrote:
"I love April White's Whale. Please tell Anne Cameron, if you know her, that she has a fan in Ottawa who has read most of her books and thanks her."

Sunday, April 30 at 11:21 PM:
Anna Lyman from wrote:
"Very attractive site. I'll be back to see more of the paintings."

Saturday, April 29 at 08:47 AM:
Windspirit Hedlund from Clearwater, BC wrote:
"you have my name"

Thursday, April 20 at 03:22 PM:
wind siprpt from Powell River wrote:
"Miss Todd you must have better things to do than mess with this wonderful site"

Wednesday, April 19 at 09:56 AM:
Tina Todd from You know where wrote:

Wednesday, April 19 at 09:55 AM:
Brandy Murphy from NEwlebanon, Oh wrote:
"I just wanted to say hi, and that you have a great web site. Talk to you olater"

Wednesday, April 19 at 09:53 AM:
Tina Todd from Newlebanon, OH wrote:
"I would like to say I love your web page I am the only on to write you since the last time I wrote on your guetbook yesterday thanks for your time in reading this."

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:58 AM:
Tina Todd from You know where wrote:
"It's me again......DUH>>>>>>>>>>>>"

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:58 AM:
Tina Todd from NEwLebaonon,oh like you din't know wrote:
"I like to sign this guest book"

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:57 AM:
Tina Todd from NewLebanon,OHio wrote:
"Hi I'm back again. THis ios fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:57 AM:
Stacie Lake from NewLebanon,Ohio wrote:
"Just wanted to say Hi"

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:55 AM:
MR.M from Somewhere you don't need to know wrote:

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:54 AM:
Tina Todd from Newlebanon.Ohio wrote:
"I just wanted to tell everyone hi again. Talk to you laterter"

Tuesday, April 18 at 07:52 AM:
tina todd from newlebanon wrote:
"Hi I just wanted to sign this guest book like I do to eveyone else"

Sunday, April 16 at 01:28 AM:
DAVE JENNINGS from UK wrote:

Sunday, March 12 at 09:51 AM:
manuel from Spain wrote:
"Hi everyone: I'm inviting you to visit couple pretty sites: Thanks from Spain. "

Monday, February 21 at 06:53 AM:
Debbie Colasante from Ottawa, Ontario wrote:

Wednesday, February 02 at 05:29 AM:

Wednesday, January 26 at 07:18 PM:

Saturday, January 22 at 07:29 PM:
Lorraine from Texas wrote:
"The father-in-law of one of my cousins carved a dugout which was for years on display in Stanley Park. Don't know if it's still there."

Saturday, January 22 at 07:26 PM:
Lorraine from Tioga, Texas wrote:
"Hi, found you by accident, was trying to find an wholistic equine site also called Wind Spirit! I've enjoyed te visit just the same. Used to live in SK. My Dad worked at Powell River many years ago, talked about it a lot. "

Monday, December 20 at 02:12 PM:

Monday, December 20 at 02:08 PM:

Sunday, December 19 at 11:04 AM:
Johanna from wrote:
"I met your father many years ago and their was this beatiful painting of yours, in the hospital living room which I quite admired. My mother recently visited from Sweden and she bought a print of the Haida Warrior. Any more "footprints in the sand"?"

Saturday, December 18 at 02:58 PM:
Patricio Estay from Paris France wrote:
" Very nice web site & very interesting work April, I'm journalist and photographer I see your article in Native Peoples magazine, I prepare a big storie about natives artists from British Columbia, my e-mail st and photographer "

Thursday, November 11 at 10:55 AM:
Michael Rosenfeld from Delray Beach, Florida wrote:
"What a beautiful shoppe. And your menu is fabulous. It makes me want to take a bite out of the monitor. Such great discriptions. And a very nice wine list, I might add."

Saturday, October 23 at 10:55 PM:
Sharon Huetzelmann from Mackenzie, BC wrote:
"Hello everyone, just showing all my friends the website and thought I would say a quick hello. Hope business is going well and everyone is doing good. Take care"

Thursday, October 21 at 02:04 PM:
Chris Wells from Nanaimo wrote:
"Appleton Gallery & Creative Frames Ltd. Just Visiting"

Friday, October 08 at 06:16 PM:
J.R.Brashears from Oklahoma,U.S.A. wrote:
"I liked the scenic paintings.....very beautiful."

Wednesday, August 18 at 08:01 AM:
Ashley Darby from St. Louis wrote:
"I really love all the paintings"

Wednesday, August 18 at 03:07 AM:
Katie Hurrell from Powell River wrote:
"Nice site!! Just checking out the local merchants on the web!"

Sunday, August 15 at 09:41 AM:
Ron Meek from Ferndale, WA wrote:
"Really nice paintings. I saw that you spelled Edensaw with an "h". Which is correct? I collect argillite, but didn't see any on your page. You might email me at"

Wednesday, August 11 at 09:36 PM:
Vicky Gunther from Calgary, AB wrote:
"Love your site, how about a pitcure of you and your husband so I can show my family."

Wednesday, August 04 at 12:04 AM:
Tauren Collinson from Queen Charlotte Islands wrote:
"Windspirit kicks ass"

Monday, July 26 at 09:54 PM:
Bonnie Pool from St. George, Utah wrote:
"Loved your style on your web page"

Tuesday, June 29 at 12:07 PM:
Diane Sanders from Denver, Colorado, USA wrote:
"Beautiful paintings, I only hope I will be able to paint like that someday. For now I will have to stick with making jewerly. DL "

Friday, June 25 at 08:27 AM:
David Ranger from Ontario, Canada wrote:
"You have a beautiful website and i like the name of your Business. Truly the Wind of the Holy Spirit is moving across this great land. "

Saturday, June 19 at 07:39 PM:
Roger from Casper, Wyoming wrote:
"just looking around the web...nice site"

Saturday, May 29 at 04:38 PM:
jan from vancouver, wa wrote:
"just returned from the northwest indian art show in portland, or. your work is more lovely than the pictures on this site or in Native Peoples."

Tuesday, May 25 at 06:36 PM:
Pamela Huteson from Lynnwood, WA wrote:
"It was nice meeting you, my grand mother said she knows your family."

Tuesday, May 18 at 04:43 AM:
Key jr. from West Virginia wrote:

Tuesday, May 04 at 04:41 AM:
Tom Bergmann from Lome, Togo, West Africa wrote:
"After my visit to Powell Lake last year this is a great way to stay in touch and updated."

Monday, May 03 at 08:37 PM:
Shawn Bluejacket from Jackson Hole, Wyoming wrote:
"April, lovely site. Read your article in Native Peoples and had to visit your"

Sunday, April 18 at 07:24 AM:
Spadini from Switzerland wrote:
"beautiful scenery"

Thursday, April 15 at 10:02 PM:
Clint ( from Ft. Lauderdale wrote:
"Though I claim not the degree of connoisseur, I'm quite taken by the celestial pyramids and gauzy "M", and the ascending totems from glistening depths. The totems are prolific, as destined for greatness as their people's traditions have remained alive."

Sunday, April 11 at 10:52 PM:
Malcolm Jolly ( from Comox wrote:
"Hello again - I didn't say a proper goodbye at the end of the show - you were pre-occupied for awhile. 'Twas indeed a pleasure to talk with you and I hope you'll drop by for a cuppa tea or something if you have time passing thro' sometime. Ditto! Bye!"

Friday, April 02 at 01:24 PM:
"I am looking for paintings and etchings by obscure New England artist William MacLean. He primarily did landscapes, his primary subjects being Fall and Winter scenes of New England and Spring & Summer scenes of Prince Edward Island, Canada and PA"

Friday, March 19 at 09:39 PM:
Jolene Edenshaw from Kaigani Haida wrote:
"We discovered you in the native peoples mag.1999 issue. Your art is Beautiful!!!! I look forward to seeing more.You can reach us at Let me know where we can purchase your work?????."

Sunday, March 07 at 08:24 AM:
Jake Hawk from so georgia wrote:
"not sure"

Thursday, February 25 at 03:28 AM:
Claude from Vancouver wrote:
"I discovered your site while in the search for Information on Texada Island. I found your pictures Exceptional. I unfortunately am not in the financial position to purchase your fine work. I thank-you for the beautiful work I will remember them Thanks."

Monday, February 22 at 08:18 AM:
Cynthia Bennett from New Hope, Minnesota wrote:
"Great article in "Native Peoples". Your art work is extraordinary along with everything else you are doing. I'm thrilled you have this incredible site. It is beautiful."

Thursday, February 18 at 11:21 AM:
Betsy Fowler from Concord, MA 01742 wrote:
"I've just read the wonderful article in the "Native Peoples" magazine. Your artwork is incredible, it makes me want to visit your gallery. "

Thursday, February 18 at 11:17 AM:
Betsy Fowler from Concord, MA 01742 wrote:
"I've just read the wonderful article in the "Native Peoples" magazine. Your artwork is incredible, it makes me want to visit your gallery. "

Thursday, February 18 at 11:15 AM:
Betsy from Concord, MA 01742 wrote:
"I've just read the wonderful article in the "Native Peoples" magazine. Your artwork is incredible, it makes me want to visit your gallery. "

Saturday, February 13 at 10:01 AM:
Cindy from wrote:
"April, I'd like your permission to use your "footprints" in my HTML course web page. I've seen it elsewhere, but it appears to originated here. Please let me know."

Saturday, February 06 at 05:16 PM:
Valerie J. Phillips from Pullman, WA wrote:
"I wish that "Surfacing" was still available for purchase. The website says that it is sold out. Sigh."

Sunday, January 17 at 11:57 PM:
Eric from Portland, OR wrote:
"Wonderful art, I only wish there was more Haida artwork on the web!"

Sunday, December 20 at 11:14 PM:
bunny from you no wrote:
"hi I'm at a friends place"

Friday, November 20 at 12:32 PM:
Tammy Marquis from Vancouver wrote:
"April - What awe-inspiring art! Next time I'm "home", must purchase something for my walls - great website - Powell River DOES have some very talented people - e-mail:"

Wednesday, November 18 at 12:50 PM:
Kristin Krimmel from Vancouver wrote:
"April - everything looks great on this site. Congratulations!"

Wednesday, November 11 at 06:54 PM:
Mr.&Mrs.Darrell White from Powell River, B.C. wrote:
"Excellent job sis!!!"

Monday, November 09 at 03:03 AM:
April White from Queensland Australia wrote:
"I was just surfing around and came across your site, being a namesake. Beautiful artwork, April. Wish I was that talented! (Email "")"

Thursday, November 05 at 11:38 AM:
Tera from Costa Rica wrote:
"I love this site. It gave me good rememberings"

Sunday, November 01 at 03:03 PM:
Vicki Proctor from Bartlesville, Oklahoma wrote:
"Great the feel of the totem poles..."

Wednesday, October 14 at 11:51 PM:
Theresa Dergousoff from Christina Lake,B.C. wrote:
"Hey April! It's Tres!! I finally got plugged into the 'net. Love your website...pretty impressive! E-mail me at"

Friday, September 18 at 09:24 AM:
barry hay from powell/skidegate wrote:
"Pat Wesley's satellite man soon"

Wednesday, September 09 at 11:34 PM:
Theron Clark from Lake City Michigan wrote:
"Hi Raptor , how you doing"

Thursday, July 16 at 08:08 AM:
Lynn Fraser from Ladner, B.C. wrote:
"Please have your Vancouver Sales Rep contact me at 604-946-2455 or We are a dealer and I need to update some information. Thank you"

Wednesday, July 08 at 02:54 PM:
Julie Rae Van De Weerd from Denver, CO wrote:
"The only art linked was April White's. Her paintings are amazing. I enjoy her work and imagination."

Wednesday, June 24 at 03:17 AM:
Daniel F. Richard from Powell River wrote:
"great web site!"

Saturday, June 20 at 07:54 PM:
Heather Mervine from Show Low, AZ wrote:
"The art work is beautiful and imaginative."

Tuesday, June 02 at 09:48 PM:
Ernie from Powell River(Wildwood) wrote:
"W.S.G. & J.B.C., I thought nothing could ever hold a candle to your art, food, personalities, or view. Then I saw this page. Upstanding, totally. :-)"

Tuesday, June 02 at 09:45 PM:
Ernie from Powell River(Wildwood) wrote:
"W.S.G. & J.B.C., Ithought nothing could ever hold a candle to your art, food, personalities, or view. Then I saw this page. Upstanding, totally. :-)"

Monday, June 01 at 11:22 PM:
Joan Foster from Powell River wrote:
"I am ashamed to say I didn't know about your website until reading our recent newspaper. It is most impressive. I will be forwarding your website to friends on the Internet so they can enjoy it as well!! "

Sunday, May 10 at 02:45 AM:
Victor V. Naidu from Vancouver, BC wrote:
"First: I love your web-page, congratulations. Second: Your minute art details are awesome. Last but not the least the overall structure is commendable, keep up the good works."

Saturday, May 09 at 03:36 PM:
megan woodman from dunedin new zealand wrote:
"du who la hoooo (cool)"

Thursday, May 07 at 09:38 PM:
Linda Williamson from Victoria wrote:
"Your art, restaurant and hospitality were wonderful."

Wednesday, April 29 at 07:42 AM:
Diana Wodder from U.S.A. wrote:
"I will be in Powell River next week and will try and visit. I am staying with the Carriere family."

Sunday, March 29 at 09:12 PM:
Roberta Pearson from Black Point wrote:
"It's me again. April and Joseph -- what a wonder-ful site. The images are breathtaking and leave me awestruck. The depth of the information that is contained here seems endless. I wish you continued success in both your endeavours."

Sunday, March 29 at 09:08 PM:
Roberta Pearson from Black Point wrote:

Saturday, March 07 at 12:32 PM:
Alain Bouchard from Montreal wrote:
""Hello April, this is the first time I visit your site, it is quite nice and distinguinshes itself by the quality and care you put in the overall esthetics of your site. I wish you the best am I will see you soon I think.No more space. Bye-Bye "

Sunday, February 01 at 12:34 AM:
Wagner Bazarin from Sao Paulo - Brazil wrote:
"I am realy impressed with the artwork quality of your site. Congratulations!"

Saturday, January 31 at 03:40 PM:
Bob Guenther from Pt Coquitlam wrote:
"l realy enjoy your sight,visit it often.Maybe l'll get to see you soon?Your brother Bob ! l can be reached at"

Friday, January 16 at 04:39 PM:
Chris Gregg from wrote:
"This page is COOL"

Friday, January 02 at 10:14 PM:

Friday, October 17 at 04:00 PM:
Bunny! from Victoria B.C. wrote:
"i will b there soon"

Sunday, September 28 at 10:16 AM:
Emily Fairbanks from Toronto wrote:
"Viewed from a cafe near the edge of Toronto, this beautifully-designed site is a delightful escape from the chaos of the city."

Thursday, August 14 at 06:02 PM:
Pauline Galinski from Powell River! wrote:
"A beautiful site, with the added bonus of reserving at the Jitterbug."

Monday, August 04 at 06:40 PM:
Marty Morris from New York wrote:
"Interesting and some pretty good pictures"

Sunday, May 11 at 02:46 AM:
Asoka G. Moragoda from Sri Lanka wrote:
"You have demonstrated something phylosophical - that magnificence is not synonymous with magnitude. Well, isn't that the story of the Mac? Serenity distinguishes your design. Well done fellow EvangeList! "

Friday, May 09 at 04:09 AM:
David Baker from Paw Paw Michigan wrote:
"What a great find. Came to you through Evangelist. You have done wonderful peaceful work with your 475, Congradulations! I' a picture framer and will visit often. If you'd like to contact me, feel free."

Thursday, May 01 at 08:14 PM:
Laurie McNeill from wrote:
"Ah, Sir Joseph, after two dayz of being online, I finally found your website. Very impressive indeed!"

Wednesday, April 23 at 11:44 PM:
John & Bev Goes from Mackenzie B.C. wrote:
""Glad we found your site ! Will revisit often.""

Saturday, April 19 at 12:59 PM:
Robin Alan Elmore from London,England wrote:
"a MOST EXCELLENT site !!"

Sunday, April 06 at 08:28 PM:
John Simic from Mississippi wrote:
"Great and Beautiful site. Will browse it often"

Sunday, March 23 at 02:11 PM:
Daniel Doherty from Victoria, BC wrote:
"I like the variety of work you have. A pleasure to find. I will list you on my website for watercolourists, online April 1997."

Thursday, March 20 at 03:09 PM:
Ben Fernández from Rockaway, New Jersey wrote:
"Great site! Great art! I enjoyed it."

Sunday, March 02 at 03:44 PM:
Ken Rothman from Princeton, NJ wrote:
"Better art than in many NYC galleries; a wonderful sense of place and culture; great Mac-made site."

Sunday, March 02 at 03:40 PM:
Bill Stanford from Sydney, Aus wrote:
"Yep, another omdeteto! Nice site you've gotten together."

Tuesday, February 25 at 05:13 PM:
Joseph Campbell from West Vancouver, BC wrote:
"I enjoyed the site immensly, great work."

Sunday, February 23 at 10:14 PM:
Mauricio Osorio from Japan wrote:
"Omedetto, Bravo fellow Evangelist!!!! A warm and inviting sight.I felt that I was there enjoying the beauty and breathtaking scenery that is the North west. Thank you, you made my day.(^O^)"

Saturday, February 22 at 12:24 PM:
Don Thompson from Traverse City, MI wrote:
"Read your message in the EVANGELIST. You have a very significant site, but then one would expect this from a MAC !"

Thursday, February 20 at 09:10 PM:
David Chew from Augusta, GA wrote:
"Read about you in MacWay. Great looking site!"

Thursday, February 20 at 12:43 PM:
Louise Forman from Princeton, NJ wrote:
"Beautiful! I heard about this site from MacEvangelist and just had to take a look, especially since we hope to visit your part of the world next summer!"

Wednesday, February 19 at 10:58 PM:
Henry O Harwell from Phoenix, Arizona wrote:
"Love the overall integration and individual art works! Incorporation of cultural snippets with Haida art forms is very attractive. Could say much more -- well done."

Tuesday, February 18 at 09:04 AM:
Carol Davis from Chicago, IL wrote:
"A peaceful interlude amidst the cyberfrenzy. I will return! Semper Mac!"

Monday, February 17 at 10:38 PM:
Steve Jansen from Coos Bay, Oregon wrote:
"A truly beautiful website. It HAD to be done on a Mac?!"

Monday, February 17 at 10:27 PM:
Kathleen Innes from Atlanta, GA, USA wrote:
"Bravo! Great art...pleasant navigating...and a Mac to boot. Who could ask for anything more?"

Monday, February 17 at 08:54 AM:
Jeffrey Rankin from Dayton, OH wrote:
"Terrific web-site! Nice to know someone else still uses non-PPC Macs!"

Saturday, February 15 at 04:36 PM:
John Simic from Biloxi, Mississippi wrote:
"What a great looking site. Keep up the great work. I will return often"

Saturday, February 15 at 08:15 AM:
Juan Mariscal from Bristol, RI - USA wrote:
"Beautifully designed site, great art, It's a peaceful experience."

Friday, February 14 at 04:50 AM:
Daniel Pentecost from Charlotte, NC wrote:
"Wonderful! While showing your artwork to a friend (PC user) I mentioned what you had created it with - an LC 475 - His chin dropped and I started laughing. (I'm an Authorized Product Rep for Apple, so I know what those older machines can do.)"

Friday, February 14 at 01:24 AM:
Francois d'Anethan from Brussels, Belgium wrote:
"Tres reussi!! Great site, easy to navigate. Great art too..."

Thursday, February 13 at 11:05 PM:
Hermon segovia from San Francisco wrote:
"Very nice site. Heard about it from MacWay. Art work is worthy of a visit."

Thursday, February 13 at 08:27 AM:
Dutch Schoultz from St. Louis, MO wrote:
"Yes, it is the most beautiful Website I've seen. You were helped by rather good art, but the site itself is marvelous."

Wednesday, February 12 at 11:34 PM:
Wes Calhoun from St. Petersburg, FL wrote:
"Straightforward & wonderful... beautiful... delicious"

Wednesday, February 12 at 09:24 PM:
Evangelist Jan from Lincoln, NE, USA wrote:
"lovely, beautiful - as one artist to another and another and another. Wish it was a closer hop, skip, or jump to be there in person."

Wednesday, February 12 at 08:09 PM:
Andy Blair from Kelowna, B.C. wrote:
"I've walked down your street last year, but never noticed your shop! I just heard of Windspirit form the Evangelist; and I'll be sure to drop in next time I'm in Powell River. Great site. Did you say it was all done on a Mac LC and shareware? Wow!!!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 06:16 PM:
Steve Okino from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote:
"I, too, enjoyed the story behind the Site on Evangelist, and couldn't resist a visit. Congratulations on a beautiful job!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 06:04 PM:
Gerald Laabs from Tokyo wrote:
"Joe, Saw your inspiring msg on Evangelist. Visit here ensued. Will pass on info to a relative in Waukesha WI, who runs a gallery called ArtLine, Ltd., and who will be very interested in your site. Regards."

Wednesday, February 12 at 02:58 PM:
Jay Voss from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote:
"Joseph, Thanks for your MacWay posting! Would love to visit in person once the ice thaws."

Wednesday, February 12 at 01:48 PM:
Tracey Adams from Livermore, CA. wrote:
"I read about your sight in MacWay today and came to visit. What a beautiful sight. One of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Gotta love those Macs!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 01:16 PM:
Melody from Indianaplis Indiana wrote:
"Saw your post on MacWay today. What a beautiful, peaceful site! I love the menu for the café--scrumptious sounding sandwiches! Great Job. Viva La Macintosh!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 12:49 PM:
Brian Milbrath from Seattle wrote:
"Read your posting in the Evangelist. Great site. I passed your URL on to some artist friends as a perfect example of what can be accomplished without a huge monetary outlay. "

Wednesday, February 12 at 12:38 PM:
Tom Huizenga from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands wrote:
"Re: MacWay#653. Great site. I'm impressed. This is more than just the right tools. You could make a living doing this stuff."

Wednesday, February 12 at 11:17 AM:
Per Hjeltman from Sweden wrote:
"I saw you page and your great story in MacWay and decided to check it out. What can I say? I'm *very* impressed! Put together using only Shareware this page still is very beatuful and well designed. Good Job!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 11:00 AM:
Geoffrey W Hobin from Arvada Colorado wrote:
"This is a beautiful Web Site! Just read about it in MacWay. Thank you."

Wednesday, February 12 at 07:56 AM:
Stephanie Wiltse from Albany, New York, USA wrote:
"You make me wish I lived on the other side of the continent, just so I could visit."

Wednesday, February 12 at 07:54 AM:
Barbara Burke from Neshanic Station, NJ USA wrote:
"Joseph - saw your note in Evangelist and decided to visit. Great job! You achieved your goal of a beautiful website -- and I now have a place in mind to visit when I ever get to the area. Thanks from a fellow Mac lover."

Wednesday, February 12 at 07:21 AM:
Linda Black from Madison, South Dakota USA wrote:
"I was so impressed that I made your site my link of the day for today ( I really enjoyed the artwork...please tell me how your secrets of making a beautiful website. ;-) "

Wednesday, February 12 at 06:41 AM:
Clive Warren from Bristol, England wrote:
"A wonderful experience, particularly the lithographs from April White. Well designed site. Clive"

Wednesday, February 12 at 05:24 AM:
Paul Bruno from Stamford, CT wrote:
"A great looking site featuring some beautiful art!"

Wednesday, February 12 at 03:17 AM:
Midge Kocen from Montserrat,West Indies wrote:
"The pictures are neat. I save them and use them in a jigsaw program"

Wednesday, February 12 at 02:59 AM:
Paul E. Giroux from Sebring, Fl wrote:
"Canadian ex-postie now living in the Land of Sunshine. As an Evangelist, just had to visit. Looks great..Come visit c ya"

Wednesday, February 12 at 12:15 AM:
Barbara Williams from Tijeras, New Mexico wrote:
"Oh, the places we'll go! I'm sending this bookmark to my daughter and her husband. She's an artist and he's a geologist. Does April White know about the sleeping woman in `Wasgo`?"

Tuesday, February 11 at 10:25 PM:
Enrique Sotela from Germany wrote:
"Very attractive site."

Sunday, January 19 at 01:20 PM:
Lynda Willis from Comox BC wrote:
"It is wonderful to see the talents and beauty of Powell River on the Internet. I was born and raised in Powell River and am very proud of it. I look forward to browsing your site."

Thursday, January 16 at 09:07 PM:
Eric Mercer from Texada Island (near Powell River) wrote:
"I am impressed by both the technical expertise of the web site manager, and by the artistic value of the cafe artists. Never have I seen better since moving here from Saskatchewan."

Thursday, January 16 at 09:03 PM:
Eric Mercer from Texada Island wrote:
"An enjoyable site technically, and an impressive site artistically."

Thursday, January 02 at 09:28 PM:
Laurie Lee from Powell River wrote:
"Inspiring art, April, good words, and nifty setup Joseph!"

Thursday, December 19 at 03:50 PM:
Stuart Russell from Sydney, Australia wrote:
"Some very stimulating pieces. I only wish I had some extra cash, but the new austerity budget of the John Howard government doesn't give me any flexibility;( Reminds me of some of the stunning imagery in "Prospero's Books," which I saw last night. "

Thursday, December 19 at 11:52 AM:
Carolyn Shaffer from Madison, WI, USA wrote:
"I'll be back when my pocketbook is as full as the art is outstanding here!"

Tuesday, November 26 at 11:38 AM:
Tamara Miller from Prince George wrote:
"I am from Powell River and am going to school up here. It was great to find a little piece of home on the www."

Tuesday, October 15 at 08:59 PM:
Grady Park from North Vancouver wrote:
"Good Golly, Miss Molly!"

Sunday, October 13 at 01:54 PM:
Brian Symonds from Powell River wrote:
"Very nice, almost like visiting the Gallery. Now, if we could only get samples of the food from the Cafe, it would be perfect!"

Thursday, October 10 at 10:37 PM:
Duncan McLean from West Vancouver wrote:
"Amazing! One of the most beautiful sites on the web!"

Thursday, October 10 at 12:26 PM:
Pictwe from Vancouver wrote:


April White | Art Gallery | Jack Gibson